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Our focus is simple: Spread the love. Our love for Canada and Canadians. Our love for our rich, cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. Our love for diversity and inclusion. And our love for welcoming travellers from around the world to create emotional connections that will last a lifetime.


Brand in Action - Editorial Line

Editorial line

The driving force behind all For Glowing Hearts communications can be summed up in these 10 words: Canadians and travellers creating emotional connections that last a lifetime.

This statement should inform every communications piece we produce, and it’s through this lens that all our work will be judged to ensure it lives up to our brand promise. We want Canada to leave a lasting mark on the heart of every traveller.


Content categories

Our content categories define what we hope to inspire in our audiences—Emotion, Focus and Action—as we support their journey through the path to purchase.

Brand in Action - Content Categories


Emotion content

This storytelling content is designed to build the audience’s emotional connection to Canada and positions Canada as a place for transformational travel. This content should say “Because of this special place in Canada, I was transformed in this long-lasting way” and make travellers think “I want to feel that.”


The primary goal for Emotion content is to capture the feeling and emotional impact of travelling in Canada and to communicate the pride and passion that Canadians have for their country.



The primary way we communicate this feeling is by demonstrating the reciprocity between two key groups of people with Glowing Hearts:

– Canadians who demonstrate passion for where they live in Canada

– Travellers who demonstrate the emotions triggered by their travels in Canada


In Emotion content, Canada is the background against which people and feelings shine. Though there’s no need to provide details pertaining to locations as they’re not the focal point, they should, nonetheless, be clearly Canadian. The beauty and diversity of the landscape are there to support the larger story.


Brand in Action - Emotion Content

“Because of this emotional moment, in this special place in Canada, with this special person, I was transformed in this long-lasting way.”

– The Glowing Heart Story formula

When developing Emotion content, we should always use the above formula as our metric to measure if a piece is actually landing against what we need it to.


Focus content

This storytelling content uses people with Glowing Hearts to tell location-specific stories that support the more rational side of the decision-making process. It should make travellers think "I want to experience that."


In Focus content, we need to show the pride Canadians take in their part of the country and/or their work in the tourism sector and its impact on travellers.


In Focus content, the location and/or the experience needs to share centre stage with the people featured. A traveller needs to understand where the place is, why they’d enjoy it and that it’s an experience they can book.


The primary way we communicate this feeling is by showing Canadians in the tourism sector explain and express what they do for a living, why they enjoy it and what value it will have for travellers. Travellers may be involved in the experience and express what it makes them feel, but they are not a priority in this content.


Action content

This content, often created by commercial partners, is designed to guide travellers in their final decision to come to Canada by helping them plan specific details and take action. It should make travellers think “I want to book that.”


Action content does not highlight specific feelings or emotions. It’s rational content focused on a call to action.


Places, and how travellers can get to them, are a key element of Action content. We use the beauty and excitement of a place or experience to connect travellers with offers, which is ultimately the main goal of this content. A traveller needs to understand why and how to book this experience and how it connects with other complementary offers.


In Action content, people are only used as a presence in visuals.



Our Glowing Hearts should live and breathe out in the world through impactful applications that strengthen our brand. From the smallest button to the largest billboard, our pride and passion should shine through.


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