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Through our use of journey-based print ads, we've taken an innovative approach to showcasing how Canada’s extraordinary openness will refresh Americans’ perspectives and enrich their lives. By teasing out uniquely Canadian destinations and points of interest dotted on a map, these journey-based ads are intended to increase our audience's awareness of Canada and inspire them to prioritize travelling to Canada. We want them to experience first-hand our wide open landscapes, iconic, vibrant cities, and diverse cultures and communities.

Try Canada


Winter in Canada is filled with adventures for every traveller, regardless of skill or experience level. All you have to do is say, “Yes!” In fact, with so many new things to try, the only experience you’ll miss out on is being bored. Try something new. Try Canada |

Northern Lights

Open if you are


There are a lot of myths about Canada. But there’s so much more than snow and maple syrup to experience—if you’re open to it. This online and digital out-of-home campaign challenged our US audience to think differently about their neighbours to the North.


A screenshot of a social ad for Canada Keep Exploring of an image of three surfers with surf boards walking on a beach towards the ocean, with the words "CANADA? TOO SNOWY." Caption reads: Some people think all Canadians do is play hockey on frozen lakes. But in the fall, we like to bike, golf, fish, hike, get the idea."