Brand identity



Our photography should feel real and spontaneous, almost serendipitous. A shot captured in the moment that brings the viewer closer to the action. We don’t want anything that looks too staged or put together.

Photography Categories



The guiding principle in all photos is to show pride in Canada and the joy of travelling around our great country. The shots should be authentic, not posed, and taken in warm light at dusk or dawn. An emotion, such as happiness, should be conveyed and suggest a deeper story, a moment—a human 1


Indigenous/Canadian Culture

Iconic images of Canada include hockey, Mounties, sweeping landscapes with cowboys, maple trees, totem poles and Indigenous dancers. A sense of warmth should infuse every photo, and they should be natural, not posed. We don’t want photos to appear clichéd. Pops of red would also be appreciated.

photos 2


Vibrant Cities

Cities are the heartbeat of our country. We want to show action, festivals, people together—people connecting—in an urban environment. Use light to convey warmth, and pops of red to tie the photo in with the brand. Showcase the unique character of the city whenever possible.

photos 3


Food & Drink

Photos should depict meals and experiences being shared—the connection between people gathering around good food and drink, in settings large and small. Close-ups and wide shots may be used, but the viewer should feel the warmth and have the sense that they’re also taking part in the action.

photos 4


Accessible Adventures

Visitors can experience the diversity of Canada through the wide range of activities to be enjoyed here. Photos should show a variety of settings—summer or winter, city or country, land or sea. Shots should be natural, not posed, and give the viewer the impression that they are involved in what’s going on. It’s also important to convey the feeling that the activity depicted is accessible to all.