Brand Story

Brand backstory 

Brand Backstory

Our mission

To generate wealth and well-being for all of Canada and enrich the lives of our guests.


Becoming a passion brand

The dream? To be embraced as the most loved Canadian destination in the world. This feeling of love and of being embraced isn’t necessarily one that can be measured—it goes beyond consumption. It’s the visceral reaction we want every traveller to have. That’s why we’re creating emotional connections with our travellers through unforgettable stories that bring people together and empower them to join the conversation.

Becoming a Passion Brand


Our Beliefs

Our beliefs

They are our North Star and guide us in every decision we make.

We believe that travel should change you, connect you, move you.
We believe that Canada is so much more than a place on a map.
We believe in generations beyond our own.
We believe our communities are as diverse as our geography.
We believe Canada will leave a lasting mark on your heart, and travellers will leave a lasting mark on ours.

Brand Character



We are inspired and informed by the scale of
Canada’s diverse nature and the beauty of this land.
We are a vast country filled with wild open spaces
to explore and diverse peoples to meet.

canadian skating



We love our work and the impact we make.
We are unapologetic about our love for Canada.
We want to offer travellers a journey they’ll be excited
to share with others.


We are polite—we are Canadian after all.
We foster strong relationships.




We make all travellers feel at home.
We celebrate our passion in everything we do.
We want the world to love Canada as much as we do.



We are always open to what’s new and different.
We see the world as more than half full.
We believe that any detour can lead to discovery
filled with joy and wonder. We are positive and hopeful.


We are friendly, funny and approachable.
We are serious about not taking
ourselves too seriously.



We are grounded and genuine.
We believe in being true to ourselves and others.

Hopewell Rocks at low tide




We are progressive problem solvers,
we welcome diversity of thought,
we have a passion for paths less travelled.



IS more
than a
on a map

When you travel in Canada,
you go back better.

Because when you connect
with the best of Canada,
you connect with the best of yourself.