Brand identity

Tone & Manner


We are the voice of travel for Canada. How we say it is just as important as what we say, so keeping a consistent voice is absolutely vital.


We write this way

We may be Canadian, but we’re unapologetic in the way we share our passion. We speak with conviction and pride, yet we’re always open, warm and welcoming.

* This style of writing is unique to Destination Canada. The partners and content publishers are not required to use it.


Language Tone

Strong verbs build momentum in our audience and incite action. Minimize flowery language that dances around the heart of what we’re trying to say. Use inviting, inclusive language to connect our perspectives and experiences. Destination Canada has one tone of voice, but we express it in different ways in regards to the audience we are addressing based on how they will best receive our message.


We Like and We Don't Like

We like
Traveller Delight Distinct Optimism
Welcome Surprise Authentic Journey
Love Fresh Joy Transformational
Enduring Warmth Bold Canadian
Connection Proud Energetic  


We don't like
Tourist Usual Expected Disappointment
Average Regular False Routine
Disposable Isolation Tedium Predictable
Alone Indifferent Forgettable Apologetic
Boredom Bragging Dull